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Sound Analysis

The evolution of wind farm technology over the past decade has rendered mechanical noise from turbines almost undetectable with the main sound being the aerodynamic ‘swoosh’ of the blades passing the tower. However, strict guidelines on wind turbines and noise emissions remain to ensure the protection of residential amenity.


Noise assessments that will be undertaken as part of the EIA and will comply with the wind farm planning guidelines. Independent noise consultants will undertake a noise assessment to consider the impact of the turbines at the Wind Farm on the surrounding area, in particular on nearby residential properties. Measurements of background noise will be taken from the closest dwellings to the site, allowing wind farm noise emissions to be simulated based on the background levels measured combined with turbine noise emissions. All windfarms must meet a maximum night time noise limit as per the planning guidelines, which is currently set at 43db.


The final EIA will include a report describing the findings of the noise assessment and any impact on local dwellings from the proposed wind farm. This final report and research will be available for review by any member of the public.

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